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Restaurant Langhe


UVE Restaurant seeks to respect the flavours of the past, while looking towards the future.

The elegant, sophisticated setting is also pleasantly relaxing and laid-back, allowing guests to appreciate the attention to detail, exquisite service and a passion for hospitality and cooking.

Our constant commitment is to taking guests on a fascinating, clearly defined gourmet journey, in which our sole aim is customer satisfaction.

UVE boasts an enthusiastic team ready to create a magical atmosphere, to make your every occasion a unique experience.

This UVE experience is evident even in the smallest details; it’s the art of making guests feel good, with courtesy and finesse.

Everything we do comes naturally and effortlessly to us: attention to detail, comfort and a warm welcome. Sometimes just a smile can make all the difference.

Classic and contemporary

Tradition teams with innovation, creating new combinations with a striking emotional impact.


Our dishes experiment with form rather than substance, offering a respectful take on tradition and a dedicated, impassioned, precise approach to innovation.
We believe it’s our dishes that say who we are. It’s our food that illustrates our vision of cooking

The chef

“The essence of liberty has always lain in the ability to choose as you wish to choose, because you wish so to choose.” Isaiah Berlin
We offer you that liberty. 
When you wish.
As you wish.

Red Chicory, Fennel, Walnuts, Blue Cheese Salad, Orange Dressing
Salanova Salad, Roast Chicken Breast, Roman Broccolo, Green Apple
Leek and Anchovies Flan, Cheese Fondue
Anchovies Fillet from Cantabric, Butter, Parsley and Garlic Sauce
Pink Tender Beef and Tuna Sauce
Hand-Chopped Raw Beef, Red Onions Chutney, Lime Sauce
Antipasto Piemontese: hot spicy fresh cheese, grilled pepper, veal with tuna sauce, steamed tongue, parsley and garlic sauce, red sauce

Tajarin Pasta,
Sausage Ragout, Wine Reduction
Agnolotti “Plin” filled with Beef, Pumpkin Cream
Potatoes Dumplings, Red Cabbage, Piemontino Cheese Foam

Chickpeas and Swisschard Soup

Poached Egg, Piemontino Cheese Cream, Finferli Mushroom, Bread Croutons and Hazelnuts
Braised Beef with Red Wine Sauce, Season Vegetables
Pork Fillet larded with Dry Tomatoes, Myrtle Reduction, Potato Rounds

Selection of Cold Cuts from the Italian Tradition, Vegetables in Oil

Selection of Mixed Cheese from Raw Milk, Honey, Confiture
Prosciutto crudo from Cuneo DOP , Raw Milk Parmesan “Giallina”
Selection of Cold Cuts and Mixed Cheeses from the Italian Tradition

Liquorice Semifreddo, Lime Custard Cream
Pear and Ricotta Cake, Red Wine Sauce
Panna Cotta, Mango Coulis
Chocolate Cake, Chestnut Cream Sauce
Giandujotto Pepino
Fresh Fruit Salad
Selection of Artisan Fruit Sorbet and Ice Cream
Hazelnut  Biscuits with a Glass of Passito Moscato Wine
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